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Learn how to add highly profitable corporate revenue streams to your business

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My Name is

Jessica Lorimer

I’m here to help you sell to corporate organisations. With a wealth of experience in new business development and sales training, I specialise in helping service based business owners sell to corporate organisations across the globe. 

Having been a Top 20 Global Sales Performer for FTSE 250 firms and successfully navigating new business development in the most challenging economic climates, I’m responsible for the huge success of small business owners across the world, successfully selling their services to corporate industries like; public sector/ not for profit, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, retail, financial services, technology, media, construction, healthcare and more.

Selling to corporate organisations doesn’t have to be sleazy, difficult or time-consuming. I’m here to teach you simple, relationship based sales strategies that lead to six figure deals and beyond; even if you’ve never sold successfully to a corporate before!

So if you’re ready to create your selling to corporate action plan, book a free consultation with me here. Spots are limited to three consultations per month - book your spot now!

The Selling To Corporate Podcast

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The C Suite

If you’re ready to build relationships and strategically sell to corporations with ease; The C Suite is for you.

The signature Selling to Corporates programme, The C Suite is designed for savvy business owners who want to use my proven templates, techniques and get personalised sales strategies to sell successfully to corporate companies. 

Converting Corporates 2020

After phenomenal success in 2019, our LIVE event; Converting Corporates is back in London this November! Converting Corporates is two days of practical, immediately implementable business development, sales skills - and of course, in-person networking.

Converting Corporates 2020 brings more hiring managers, advanced business development skills, more masterminding and the opportunity to walk away with key parts of your corporate lead generation and sales strategy - built. 

What My Clients are saying


Jess helped me to let go of the part of my business which wasn’t working and focus on what I enjoyed – working with organisations

I followed a proactive outreach strategy online and off and five months later I have a healthy business where organisations are actually reaching out to me. I know exactly how I can help them and they’re quickly converting into paying clients! Thank you Jess."

Julie Dennis

 / Menopause In The Workplace


I've just agreed to a 42k contract (on my terms and dates) which is a very exciting and innovative project to work on.This comes on top of everything else so far.
I am still awaiting a 20k business proposal as well. Thank you Jessica Lorimer and the community for your ongoing support.

Nadine Powrie 

/ Executive & Leadership Coach


If you’re ready to take your business from low 6 figures to 500K + then there’s only one place you need to be!

Jessica Lorimer is an unbelievable coach and has an epic ability to lay everything out in an easy to follow style.

If you don’t at least 10X your investment, I’ll be amazed!

Mark Simpson

/ Founder of Boostly

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