6 Figures And Beyond: The Real Sales Strategies Behind The Success

6 Figure Success Workbook

I'm super excited to be joined by some of the best and brightest business owners in the online space who'll be sharing their 6 Figure Success Stories with you!

These entrepreneurs have achieved some truly phenomenal results in their industries including;

  • - 3 Million Dollar Launches
  • - Signed Book Deals with Penguin-Random House here in the UK (SQUEEEEL!!)
  • - Made multi-6 and 7 figures in their businesses... and not just in 'money making niches'
  • - $59,500 in Podcast Sponsorship... in ONE month and over 100,000 unique monthly downloads
  • - Supported Business Owners through one of the BIGGEST business changes in the last five years.
  • - NY Times Best Selling Author...

And more! 

So when you grab your FREE 6 Figure Success Workbook and listen to our brand new 6 Figures and Beyond: The Real Sales Strategies Behind The Success, you're getting the insider scoop on the exact workings of these incredible businesses - and what it really takes to skyrocket your sales!

So who's sharing all their sales secrets on this series?

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Founder of the 'Lucky Bee' movement and bestselling author! Denise has been a straight-talking business owner and is hugely well respected in the online space for busting money blocks and helping women achieve the wealth that they desire.

Suzanne Dibble

Suzanne is a multi-award winning legal eagle! Having worked with Richard Branson, Simon Woodroffe and been a board director of a £100m turnover organisation, Suzanne now specialises in helping entrepreneurs protect their businesses whilst they scale!

Amy Landino

Founder of AmyTV, award-winning YouTuber and bestselling author. Amy focuses on creating awesome video content and vlogging like a boss! She currently has over 280K subscribers on YouTube and a phenomenal keynote speaking career.

Ashley Ambirge

Founder of The Middle Finger Project and builder of a million dollar writing empire! Ash is known for her wicked sense of humour and busting the BS behind building freelancing businesses.

Dave Woodward

Dave Woodward is the Chief Revenue and Business Development Officer at ClickFunnels. Dave has a wealth of experience in business building - and using technology to scale your sales!

Joanna Penn

NY Times bestselling author, speaker and creator of super successful writing courses! Joanna has written over 18 books in the fiction and non-fiction space, has sold over 500,000 books in multiple countries and is awesome at helping you create a book that helps you build your business.

John Lee Dumas

Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire and host to over 2000 amazing entrepreneurial episodes! With over 100,000 unique monthly downloads and a hugely popular show, John has influenced some of the biggest industry shifts in the audio space!

Mariah Coz

Mariah Coz, Founder of Femtrepreneur and funnel builder extraordinaire! Mariah excels in the evergreen funnel space and can help you leverage the power of funnels and multi-media courses to grow your profits!

Neil Patel

The original SEO champion, Neil is the brains behind helping you build the best online presence that you can. Having founded (and sold!) some of the worlds most interesting and innovative companies; Hello Bar, Crazy Egg and Quicksprout to name a few - he knows exactly how to skyrocket success.


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