We’ve all heard of ‘playing small’.
Where we let the mind gremlins get to us – and we stop aiming for bigger results/ new levels.

But what about playing too big?
Have you thought about that?

Last week, I wrote a post about staying in your own lane – and making sure that you were making the right investments for your current business level – and the general consensus was that we’ve ALL bought things that have been too far ahead of where we are/ not what we needed at the time etc.

But why does this happen?

1. We’re always being ‘small shamed’ into buying. Ever had someone tell you that you need to make a MASSIVE investment and when you baulk, they tell you to stop playing small? Buh Bye. Playing all out is NOT about spending the most amount of money possible… it’s about being fully committed to the investments that you DO make – and going all in on achieving the results you want.

2. We’re in ‘Permanently Positive Penny’ mode. Ahh social media; the land of ‘never getting things wrong’ and ‘always wanting to show that you’re further ahead than you are’. There have been a BUNCH of people who’ve come out recently with revelations about their income not being as high as they’d made out/ not having as many clients as they’d told people… and all because they felt like they ‘had’ to be at a certain level for people to buy from them. That’s NOT true. People buy from people. And regardless of how much money YOU have made – it doesn’t mean that your clients will always do the same… unless…

3. Due Diligence. As above – you’re more likely to get results with a coach/ mentor/ consultant/ business owner who has a PROVEN track record. And guess what? Someone with a proven track record has a bunch of clients and therefore doesn’t NEED you to join any particular programme. They’ll give you the best option for YOU – and you should take it. If you’re thinking about working with a new service provider, purely based on the amount of FB posts they write and how many ‘prayer hand emoji’s’ it gets… well that’s not due diligence. And it doesn’t indicate that they have a track record with clients. Please pick the EXPERT… not just the person who has enough time to shout loudly across social media.

4. Investments that are TOO big for you right now. Not just money – but also time and energy. For example, I don’t want someone buying into a 10K programme and then not having ANY time to commit to making it work. To be clear, this does NOT mean that you don’t get to invest in your business – like anything, your business requires time, energy and financial investments to grow. But it doesn’t mean, pick the most expensive thing that puts you into complete financial overwhelm… and that that’ll be the gem that gets you the best results. Pick the investment that is right for the results that you’re aiming for within the next 3-6 months – and that meets your bank balance AND your time budget.

5. Honesty with yourself. Are you choosing a BIG business goal for you – or because someone else said that you should have that? Lots of people aim for 100K… that’s cool. But remember, it takes time and energy (and investment!) to get to ANY level in business. So please make sure that you’re picking the big goal that you want – and not the ‘popular consensus’.

The reality is, that dreaming big is a good thing.
Knowing where you want to go – and what you’re aiming for, is phenomenal.
But just like you shouldn’t be ‘small shamed’, you also shouldn’t be wanting to make purchases/ investments/ commitments – just because someone else is aiming for them.

Stay in your own lane.
Set your own goals.
Invest in your success at the level that is right for you.


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