Jess is joined by the lovely Liz Wilkins today on Smart Leaders Sell!! Liz is someone who Jess has actually hugged in real life, and has been known to save Jess from Holiday madness at least once in her lifetime.

Liz talks about how without sales, you’re not actually in business: you just have an expensive hobby. She is all about running a real business, and not just “Fannying around on FB” (I was threatened that bad things would happen to me if I didn’t include that in the show notes).

Jess asks for input from Liz on what’s important for a brand when they’re just starting out, and Liz is more than happy to share her experiences on the topic. She brings up successful brands today, and how they started in a much less refined place. She uses their evolution as an example that you can apply to your own brand when starting out.

Jess brings up a story of a car advert that tried two different approaches to sell the same car. One went for the obvious, and the other went for a more emotionally centered attempt. The results were pretty entertaining to witness, but this experiment was also dripping with lessons about branding and getting things done in a way that makes your audience want to buy.

The two discuss physical products, and the best time to start creating them for your business, as well as when and how to implement simple effective marketing to grow your brand in a way the suits your style and your business. They also go into detail about the new planner Jessica has launched, and


“Good design and good marketing is about building that emotional connection”

“Without sales I don’t have a business, I have a very expensive hobby”

“You don’t need a perfect, beautiful brand to start with”

“Ultimately, confused minds don’t buy”

“It does not have to be complicated”

“Focus on increasing your cash flow first”

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