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Welcome back to the Smart Leaders Sell Podcast! In this episode, Jess brings on the controversy and bids farewell to the Give Away. She gives a great explanation why, shares some examples from her recent experiences and shares how she plans to live on without them.

  • Why Jess is saying goodbye to summits and giveaways
  • The unchangeable swipe copy giveaway and a hacked off host
  • The giveaway that produced zero leads
  • Low or high, the numbers don’t lie
  • Why we really host giveaways or summits
  • What do you need to bring to the table?

“This doesn’t make me feel as good as it previously has”

“We all have to grow our email lists”

“It was just too abstract, it didn’t give any tangible benefits”

“I’m just not interested in sending my audience to these people”

“People host giveaways or summits because generally, their looking to build their email lists”

“What are their expectations of you?”

“It doesn’t matter how big your list is if the swipe copy isn’t going to convert them”

“Are they providing a return on investment?”

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