I was talking to one of my Dotties recently on her quarterly Dottie call.  We were talking about different types of lead generation – and the best way to create a content marketing strategy to build an audience that converts into sales.

My Dottie was asking what the best option for her would be. Should she create a Facebook Group? Or a podcast? Or a vLog? Or hang out non-stop on social media?

The thing is, (as anyone will tell you) there’s no one right way to do it. And that’s what makes it so hard.

In fact, there are so many people who waste time, trying everything because they’re not sure what’ll work – and then get frustrated because nothing grows as quickly as they’d like. And this is what I explained to my Dottie.

But despite there not being one ‘right’ way… there are a few questions you can ask yourself to find out which would be the best content marketing (and lead generation) strategy for you…


Do I want to build a content strategy that is proactive or reactive?

All lead generation requires content.

But the amount of effort required to maintain the content or interact with it, is different based on the kind of business you want to build. For example, if you’re someone who likes to post in real-time on social media and engage with all the comments… you will enjoy a reactive content strategy (like a FB group or posting in real time on social platforms so that you can engage and interact).

But if you’re more introverted – or you find that constant posting drives you crazy, you might prefer a proactive content strategy… like podcasting, blogging or vlogging. These kinds of content typically require less in terms of following up/ interacting after the content has gone out.

How much time do I want to spend on creating and managing my content?

It can be tempting to think ‘I’ll just set up a Facebook group..” but the reality is, that Facebook groups require a lot of time and energy to run.

Over the last two years, some of the major influencers with HUGE Facebook communities (20K + ) have shut them down; saying that they require too much time, energy and money to keep running.

Now, if you’re someone who is time rich (lots of time, cashflow is a bigger struggle) then you can implement a content marketing strategy that requires time and energy to run… think Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities or live social content that leads to lead generation.

If you’re time poor OR cash rich, you might prefer to spend less time on active lead generation and utilise your resources e.g. spending money on paid advertising to generate leads on demand without having to do so much of the work yourself.

What will work best for ME?

Yes – I know. We need to think about our ideal clients. And what they want to do. And I absolutely get that. But what I also see a LOT of, is business owners, accidentally building a business that they grow to hate. And I don’t want that for you.

So when you’re thinking about how you want to create content and generate leads… make sure that you’re following a strategy that is going to work for YOU. Hate Facebook? Build an email list. Click here to get my top 10 ways to grow your email list without paid advertising.

Don’t like to batch create content? Then avoid a podcast at all costs!

Really think about the time and energy you have – and where you want to focus. There are 7 billion people on the planet and they’re all reading emails, listening to podcasts, hanging out on social media – you’ll be able to find them anywhere. So let’s make sure that you’re finding them in the best way for you!

These are just the super simple basics to making sure that you pick a content marketing strategy that works for you. It’s about making sure that you’re focused – and spending your time in the best way possible to increase your productivity levels and your profit margins!

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