Recently I asked a question of my Facebook Group and my email list.

“What is it that makes you follow, implement or buy anything from me?”

Now, I wasn’t asking the question for vanity #GiveMeAllTheLove - I genuinely wanted to know what I was doing to make my audience continue consuming and most importantly, implementing, content from me week after week.

Some of the answers really surprised me.

(And for all of those people who called me “funny” - you are now my absolute besties!)

But one answer kept coming up.

“You’re consistent”

“You consistently show up for us - and it makes me want to show up for you”

“You show us how to be consistent, rather than just telling us to be”

And so on.

This was super powerful for me. Because, pre-business, I had always been a quitter.


I gave up on netball when I hit 14 and realised that I was terrible at it.

Gave up on cello when I hit grade 7 because I didn’t have the dedication to keep moving forward with it.

Gave up on giving up gluten when I decided that I could no longer avoid bakeries…

In fact, there have been a lot of things that I’ve given up on over the years.

So when people suggested that my consistency was the reason that they followed, implemented and bought from me, it made me smile.

Because for me, it’s a learned skill. I was not always a consistent person.

But over the last four years, I’ve worked really hard to become one - because I know just how important consistency is for the long term success and sustainability of my business.

So here are the three things that I’ve learned about consistency - and how to be more consistent. (And if you have any more - shout them in the comments for me!)

  1. Set realistic expectations of yourself.

    Look - going out there and deciding to create a podcast strategy, a video strategy, a way to blog and show up daily on social media… is not going to happen. Especially right at the beginning. So pick just one or two things to master in the beginning - and add to them over time, when you get your schedule (and your outsourcing!) sorted.

  2. Scheduling.

    I hear you - no-one likes a schedule. But seriously, endless ‘to-do’ lists will drive you crazy - and you’ll actually never end up getting them done. Planning your week for success so that your brain isn’t context switching all the time, will allow you to stop firefighting and actually get tasks done. (And if you want to know what my daily money-making activities are - grab the guide here).

  3. Make the decision.

    Consistency is all about having schedules and picking the right medium - but if you don’t make the decision or care about being consistent - you won’t. And there are so many benefits that you’d lose out on; your business will not grow as quickly, your audience will never know when/ where you’re showing up, it’ll take you way longer to grow a tribe… etc etc etc. But in order to reap those rewards, you need to make a decision NOW. To be consistent. With content, selling and lead generation.

So let me know in the comments - are you a ‘Consistent Claire’ and have tons of tips for consistency or are you more like I used to be? A ‘Lax Lucy’ who could do with a little motivation to get going?

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