OK, here’s the thing. You can buy my book, listen to my podcast, join my free community, read my blogs but NOTHING is going to change unless you do these four things.  So if you do want to buy my book and give me a great review *hint hint, nudge nudge* I want to make sure you know what you’re signing up for when you buy the book.

1. Put Yourself First

Sounds selfish right and glib. Growing up, we’re taught to look out for other people. If you don’t care about other or prioritise them before yourself, you’re told you’re selfish.

BUT if you’re a small business owner/entrepreneur or even a sales person working for a large conglomerate, please remember that YOU are integral to making this work.

If you’re tired, burnt out and your health is short, you’re going to be of no use to anyone.

Your physical and mental health are integral in order to help you succeed. It’s really important that during this learning process, you occasionally put the book down, go for a walk/ run/ swim and let your body and brain relax.

Working 24/7 doesn’t help you be more productive. It just ensures nights of not sleeping until 2am and feeling like you’re a fully paid up member of the ‘hustle’ club.  Give yourself some free time and make sure that you put yourself and your health at the top of the priority list each day.

2. Implement

OK, so let’s get honest. There have been many courses, book and programmes that I’ve bought over the course of my business that I’ve read/ looked at… and done absolutely nothing with.

And guess how many led to any kind of success? Zero. Not because the information wasn’t good. But because my implementation/ action taking skills sucked.

If you’re going to buy this book, make the decision right now that YOU are an action taker. And that you ARE going to get the best results from my book, simply by giving it a read and then USING the exercises and case studies to impact your own business.

3. Be prepared to do the hard work. Daily.

Every single strategy in my book have been proven both in my business (and you can safely bet in at least 100 other businesses too!).

So please when you implement the actions recommended, don’t blame the strategy* if you don’t get the results you expect. Get creative and reverse engineer where the problem is coming from. Then be prepared to take consistent, daily action in order to see your best results.

*The strategies in my book work, regardless of whether you’re a product or service based business owner.

4. Use the other resources available

If you buy my book and have any questions don’t just sit on them.  Ask for help.

Bring them over to my free Facebook community: The Smart Leaders Sales Society.

You can also book a call with me directly so that I can help you troubleshoot any problems you might be experiencing.

Smart Leaders Sell Book: Available on Amazon Kindle
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Smart Leaders Sell Book: Available on Amazon Kindle


The reality is, if you DON’T commit to doing these four things, my book won’t work for you.  So don’t buy it.  Seriously. I don’t want to be another book on your Kindle that is started but not finished.

But if you’re prepared to put yourself first, implement the strategies, show up daily and reach out for help you will LOVE this book and it will help you fall in love with sales (or the feeling when your PayPal or Stripe notifications go KERCHING!).


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