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I’m jumping for joy today! Another YES on the Discovery Call!  My husband overheard me on the call and when I got off, he said; “This doesn’t make ANY sense. How are you doing this?” I just said “Cash Creation”. Jessica, Cash Creation is changing my life!

Samantha Grant Facebook Ads Strategist for Wedding Professionals

The Smart Leaders Sell Book

Packed with simple sales strategies for entrepreneurs to scale to six figures and beyond.

All you have to do is implement them!

Love the Smart Leaders Sell podcast and now I have the book!

I love Jessica's podcast Smart Leaders Sell so getting the book was a no brainer. Really useful tips that are timeless and incredibly valuable. It is selling without being sleezy.

This book is incredibly relevant for entrepreneurs who are looking to up their sales game. It tackles those questions about why people don't buy, whether we are giving away too much for free and training our potential clients to expect things for free. I also love the launch process strategy and will be implementing it in my next launch.

It's a book you can keep going back to and dip in and out of when you need some sound advice on any part of the sales process.

Keirsten Clark


Jessica Lorimer is a credible & motivational speaker who provides actionable tips and tricks to help your audience better understand sales.

See me speak next at Retain Live 2019 Newcastle in September 2019.

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I’m listing a few things that I’ve done since working with Jessica over the last month. They include: signing clients, selling out, a Case Study and getting published in Huffington Post. I’ve also been published in Raspberry Magazine and I’m going to be speaking at TedX Brighton this Friday in a line up of incredible, inspiring people!

Helen Packham Leadership and Business Coach


JESSSSSS!!! Jess!!!

32.5K this month in sales. I’ve just booked another intensive!

Malaine Lea Lifestyle Architect


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