When we start our own businesses, it can be really easy to get caught up in a vicious money-making cycle;

  • Create high ticket/ high value offer
  • Sell high ticket/ high value offer
  • Have a month/ 6 weeks of delivering (or over-delivering) said offer
  • Realise that "Oh shit - I now need immediate revenue" - and create another high ticket/ high value offer to cover general adulting (mortgage/ food/ children etc)

It feels like you’re always stuck, trading time for $$$ - and as a business owner, it can be frustrating - and lead to those feast/ famine months that drive you (and your bank manager) craaaaaazy.

The good news is, that there IS an easier way. A way to generate a consistent pipeline of leads that buy - and stop you stressing out over cash-flow.

The bad news is that the ‘gurus’ have been keeping it under their hats for YEARS.

So let’s take a look at what you really need to generate consistent cash without playing the burnout game - or subjecting yourself to the feast/ famine cash-flow problem!

  1. A great sales strategy is a simple one.
    You really only need TWO things to sell; 1. Traffic, 2. An offer that solves their current problem. In order to generate consistent cash, you need to be focusing each month on a) whether you’re bringing new people into your community and b) whether you’re making relevant offers.

  2. High Ticket Offers are based on TRANSFORMATION - not phone time.
    I see a LOT of business owners who associate high ticket with spending a ton of time with their customer face to face/ on the phone… and it’s simply not true.

    Think about heart surgery; your GP spends HOURS with you trying to figure out what is wrong. They send you for tests, update you regularly - but when it comes to fixing your heart, the surgeon is the one with his hands in your chest for three hours - and then you’re fixed. Who do you thank profusely when you wake up?

    Transformation, implementation, accountability and solutions is what your customer is paying for - and the more experience you have, the easier it is to DELIVER that differently.

    Start thinking, ‘High Ticket = Fast Results’ and figure out what works best for your clients; Masterminds? Group Programmes? 45 min calls instead of an hour? How can you get them the quickest results?

  3. Business Model: Passive income is sexy. Membership sites are the bomb. Etc Etc Etc.
    But honestly? If you do NOT have a large audience, then passive income and memberships are not where you start.

    One of the reasons that I’ve been able to grow my business so quickly, is that I focused on high ticket FIRST - and funnelled down. As my audience grew, I started providing lower ticket/ higher volume products/ services that people could purchase. But 3.5 years ago, if you approached me, it was 1:1 or nothing.

    Look at your current business model. Are you setting yourself up to succeed? If you have a smaller audience, give your cash-flow a spike by selling high touch/ high ticket services (Done For You/ 1:1/ High Level Masterminds Etc.)

    If you have a large audience and can cope with churn, then throw out a passive income funnel/ recurring revenue model to work from. Start from where you ARE when it comes to sales - and take the right steps for the place that you want to BE - not the other way around.

Now - I want you to do THREE things;

  1. Analyse your audience size. How many social media followers do you have? How much $$$ do you want to make?
  2. Do some market research; what’s their biggest struggle right now?
  3. Create an offer that matches their current needs/ gives them a solution and SELL it to them.

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