Have you spent all year delivering massive results for your clients - but not the same for your bank balance?

Then you need to let me help you turn your expertise into income.

Creating and maintaining a business can be hard. 

In fact, the thing that trips up most business owners is that they get caught in a vicious cycle;

  • Need income ---> Lands a client
  • Wants to make a BIG impact ---> Spends a long time working with client to get the best results
  • Implementation ---> completely loses time for self-implementation… which results in feast/ famine income and impact cycles…
  • Creating a 6 figure business (or beyond!) is not actually about planning. It’s about doing. 

    And that’s where a lot of business owners go wrong. They think that they have to ‘be everywhere’, have content on every platform and that hitting 6 figures is about planning launch after launch after launch.

    ** NEWSFLASH **

    Hitting 6 figures is not about planning. Heck, it’s not even about thinking

    It’s about implementation - and taking the right actions consistently to see the biggest and best results!

    Now, when I first started my business, I was doing a lot of planning… but not always much implementation. In fact, my days were jammed. 

    I was watching a bunch of webinars, planning which new platforms I’d be on, trying to implement social media strategies, figuring out how to create my website/ graphics/ great emails… But I wasn’t actually implementing.

    My brain was so focused on thinking about ‘What should I do next?” that ‘next’ never came?

    (And to this day, I still haven’t managed to get on Periscope once a week!)

    The thing was, I was already doing a lot of the right things… when I was getting time. But because I was so sold into the ‘I must do everything NOW’ club… I wasn’t getting a lot (if any) time to actually implement any of the strategies that I’d put together. And worse, most of the programmes out there, were just teaching me more stuff… not getting into my diary and scheduling time for me to actually DO it!

    So there I was, making money (but not enough) working hard (but not enough) and learning #AllTheThings (and still - not enough to hit my goals!) when I realised something:


    There I’d been, working 24/7 to get clients.

    24/7 to help my clients.

    But only 1-2 hours a week on building my own business empire.

    How could I expect things to change? It wasn’t the fault of the courses - or my clients.

    I was taking a good hard look at my business… and realising that my biggest flaw for making a bigger impact and income was a lack of implementation. Not information.

    I had tons of information sources; you name it - I had bought it. But as a result… I’d completed nothing.

    Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

    My implementation was through the floor - and as a result, my impact and income was seriously suffering.

    So I stopped and took it back to basics. Instead of trying to do #AllTheThings… I focused on a simple formula:

    Instead of focusing on learning more and more… I focused on consuming one idea at a time. Then I created and implemented my own strategy around that area. And finally, I converted that strategy into successful paying clients.

    Take social media for example; I said goodbye to all of the platforms that didn’t serve me - and focused on one thing. Creating a solid Facebook Community.

    That ‘one thing’ generated over 60% of my revenue in 2017 - and to this day, even when others are shutting theirs down… still contributes a hefty chunk of my client generation process.

    6 months - and 6 figures later

    I had more time.

    I had more energy.

    And I had consistent cashflow without trying to do every single thing that the gurus were teaching.

    But there was just one problem...

    I could see my community starting to struggle with information overload.

    Suddenly, they were where I had been. Constantly consuming and struggling to implement the sheer amount of information available.

    I was scared.

    I didn’t want to contribute to this content creation killer model that I was seeing… I wanted my clients and my community to start smart…

    The Impact and Income
    Implementation Intensive was Born.

    The Income and Impact Implementation Intensive is the FIRST and ONLY in-person intensive to help business owners truly dial down and focus on making their business successful whilst keeping it super simple.

    Here's The Reason The Impact And Income Implementation Intensive Works So Much Better Than Other Programmes

    For business owners who are already at capacity with ‘busy work’ and client delivery, it can be really tough to take any time out to work on building your own business - and making it even better.

    The majority of business owners jump from idea to idea and never end up truly maximising the skills and strategies they’ve already started to develop. And that’s why we see this huge growth of entrepreneurs who can’t seem to get away from their feast/ famine businesses.

    Instead of having super steady income streams and consistent client generation, they’re trying to figure out which social media platform is going to be the ‘next big thing’ or creating a content strategy more complicated than Prof. Stephen Hawking’s first (and every!) thesis.

    ^^ All of that? Is difficult to maintain and drains your time, energy and resources.

    So my goal for the Impact and Income Implementation Intensive is not to give you more ‘stuff’. Instead, we’re going to spend two whole days in a luxury London location working ON your business - instead of IN it. 

    We won’t be;

    • - Thinking about client delivery
    • - Firefighting in our inboxes
    • - Trying to figure out what 'hot' new strategy is going to make the biggest impact in your business in 2019

    Instead, we WILL be;

    Working on 4 key aspects of your business to help you skyrocket your sales and success and end 2019 on a high!

    Building the best funnels for your business.

    You will walk away with ready made funnels to get in front of your audience and start bringing in those clients.

    Building your raving tribe - and building the best visibility strategy for you to make sure that you walk away building your brand and your business one person at a time!

    The old model of ‘give tons for free and people will want to pay you’ is over-saturated… and it’s just NOT working anymore.

    I’m going to be helping you build out your free content platforms so that you’re attracting an audience who want to pay you, not play with your time and energy.

    Together, we’re creating your ‘Freedom Plan’.

    The only plan that you’ll need in 2019 to execute and implement in order to hit your B-I-G business goal.

    And last but not least… we have a secret fifth element!

    You’ll be spending two days being pampered with great food, great company, great ideas - and a lot of giggles along the way.
    Because your business wasn’t built to be boring!

    For 2 Days You'll Be Working In
    5* Luxury

    Our environment really impacts the work that we’re able to do. When we work in our office day after day, we can easily get caught up in our endless to-do lists…. With activities that aren’t building our business or shaping our sales strategies.

    The Impact and Income Intensive is being held in a luxury London hotel for two days with lunch and refreshments included so that you can completely move away from the mundane and switch to that six figure business strategy that you need to focus on.

    Together, we'll get sh*t done

    The majority of courses and programmes are focused on theory. The Impact and Income Intensive is focused on action. Over the course of two days, you’re going to walk away with;

    At least one sales funnel - built.

    Your content mapped and ready to rock for the next 6 months.

    A clear execution plan for your ‘big, hairy, scary goal’ - so that each week you know exactly what you’re posting, producing and promoting. #NoMoreWingingIt

    Your tribe growth execution strategy (including your content, partnership plans and more!)

    Unprecedented Access To Me!

    Jessica Lorimer Speaker Session

    Spending a day with me 1:1 is now over £7500.

    But for this experience, you’re going to be spending two whole days with me at a fraction of the cost.

    You may be thinking how can Jess help me?  Well let me answer that directly and honestly.

    I've spent the last 4 years building six-figure businesses for entrepreneurs.  Their results have been phenomenal!

    Yes, really.

    No fake or spammy one-hit wonders.  They've gone from 'zero to hero' using my sales strategies and actually implementing them. Sustainable businesses which bring them joy.

    I'm an Amazon #1 best-selling author, run a successful podcast and have recently interviewed Denise Duffield-Thomas, Ashley Ambirge, Mariah Coz, Neil Patel & more.

    I have been featured in ALL the major publications, and am regularly called by the producer at Good Morning Britain to appear alongside Piers & Susannah! Check out my press page here

    In November 2018, I was on the Youpreneur Summit London stage hosted by Chris Ducker, the ExtravaDanZa stage with Dan Meredith and will be on the Retain Live stage with The Membership Guys and the Magic Makers Live stage later in 2019.

    Not to mention getting the support of the other entrepreneurs taking part.

    This experience is limited to ten participants so that I can spend the most possible time with everyone - and make sure that you walk away with your Q4 sales strategy built and ready to rock!

    Follow Up Support

    After the event, there will be one group follow up call via Zoom to make sure that you’re moving forward and tweak anything that needs a bit of a touch up!  Remember I said, my clients get results when they implement my strategies and that's what we'll do on this call. 

    And finally...

    Yes, there's really more!

    You’ll automatically be added onto the priority lists for any other events that I choose to run in 2019 - and receive some exclusive access too!

    Here's What Some Of My Clients Are Doing and Achieving After Their Intensives...

    Charlie T

    SEO Agency

    "Closed the deal for a 6 month contract at £2,500 a month...first month’s money paid already :) First official £10k+ month in my business!"

     "I've just signed up a client for the whole of 2019.... will be worth £80,000 :)"

    Malaine L

    Lifestyle Architect

    “JESSSSSS!!! Jess!!! $32.5K this month in sales. I’ve just booked another intensive!”

    Sam B

    Instagram & Visibility Expert

    "Jess never disappoints! I now make consistent money in my business, far more than I ever thought I would! This last week I made $27k!"

    Let's Talk About Investment

    I want to have this discussion transparently with you. The Impact and Income Intensive Weekend Experience is an investment.

    Which means that a) it’s something that has genuinely been designed to help you generate an ROI in your business and not be a costly mistake and b) that the money that you invest into taking part will generate an ROI immediately at the weekend itself… but more importantly, for months and years to come.

    Now - if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of ‘every element is worth a squillion dollars but for today only, you can join at [TINY AMOUNT].’ Because half the time, these costs are irrelevant. But - I am going to break this down in a formula that means you can determine how much these things are worth to you - and then you can look at how awesome this offer is :) You just need to write down your answers honestly to a couple of questions;

    • 1
      Are you currently spending a lot of/ the majority of your time struggling with one or more of the areas that the intensive covers? (Funnels, Fan Base, Freedom Plan, Free Content that Converts or Fun)
    • 2
      How much would it be worth to you if you could 10X your 2018 income in 2019?

    Think about it seriously.

    Perhaps in 2018, you made £25K? What would it be worth for you to make £250K?

    Perhaps in 2018 you made £50K? What would it be worth for you to make £500K?

    Perhaps in 2018, you made £10K… and want to hit that 6 figure mark?

    What would your life look like if you 10X’ed your revenue?

    And what would your life look like if that meant that you 10X’ed your profit… and the amount that you could pay yourself?

    • Would you be happier?
    • Have more time for your family?
    • Be able to outsource the tasks you hate?
    • Feel more relaxed about your business and confident that you can always generate a profitable, predictable income?
    •  Feel more confident about yourself and the value you bring to the world?
    • Have the ability to make a bigger impact on those who need you most?

    You see, I didn’t chase the 6 figure dream just to help my bank manager. 

    I did it for me.

    To prove that I could. To prove that I was worthy. To prove to myself and the world that I had something important to offer others. That I could genuinely spend my life making sure that other people made their dreams come true.

    Sounds corny… but that was my focus. £10K ---> £100K

    The investment for the Impact and Income Intensive Weekend Experience is nowhere near what others would charge you to walk away with the four key aspects of your business built and ready to help you make money.

    Because I’m not here to squeeze every last penny from your purse.

    I’m here to bring you an intensive experience that genuinely gets you your BEST ROI.


    x 1


    Pay in Full
    • Sign up today and you'll receive a 30 minute call with me to use any time in 2019!


    x 3


    Pay in three Instalments
    • 3 part payment plan only available until July 1st




    Simple, fast and effective flexible move

    • Working time 24/7 all days
    • Max 15 team members
    • Free assets





    Simpler, faster and more effective move. Best affordable option

    • Working time 24/7 all days
    • Max 17 team members
    • Premium assets




    The simplest, most effective move. Exclusive option, premium features

    • Working time 24/7 all days
    • Max 25 team members
    • Instant access

    You can join the Impact and Income Intensive for just £1500 (payment plans available). ​

    I only have two spaces left for this experience - so once those spaces are gone, they’re gone. And, before you ask, I won’t be running another weekend experience like this in 2019. These are only available every 6 months - and the existing participants get access to the first spots!

    Here's Why You Need To Join TODAY

    Honestly? If you’re looking at the first part of 2019, thinking ‘it could have gone better’ - then I want you to sign up TODAY.

    The reality is, that so many of us set New Year’s goals that we don’t ever execute or achieve. And every year, we set out for the reality to be different. A year later, we promise ourselves that ‘2018/19/20’ will be the year. You're already in your first quarter... and if you know that you want more accountability, more momentum and more success throughout the year, joining me for this intensive weekend will help you do just that!


    Stop waiting.

    Stop adding tons more to your to-do list.

    Start creating and converting with ease… and build out your business model in a weekend so that it’s set up to serve you and scale with you for the rest of 2019.

    Oh - and the practical reasons that you should join today?

    • Spaces are limited.  Four spaces are already gone! Genuinely. That means that there are just 2 spots left to join me and our first action taker to change your business for the better in 2019.
    • I don’t sell things that I don’t believe in. In fact, I’m tired of watching industry gurus selling things that do not work for the majority of people. If you’ve landed on this page and you’ve been following me and my advice… this is your opportunity to buy something that I genuinely know will change your life. 

    Want To Hear What Previous Attendees Achieved During Their Weekend?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's The Date Of The Intensive?

    Where Is It Being Held?

    How Do The Payment Plans Work?

    Can I Get A Refund?

    What Do I Need To Bring?

    Are My Travel Costs Included?

    How Many Places Are Available?

    What Is the Langham Hotel Like?


    There really are only 2 spots left for this experience - grab one TODAY.


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