Naomi Bulger joins Jessica Lorimer on this episode of the Smart Leaders Sell podcast. Naomi is admittedly a binge listener of the show, and instantly hit it off with Jess. She’s an author, an illustrator and a journalist.

Her Question: How do I introduce a premium offer to my community, and how do I price it?

In this episode

  • A creative approach to products and services
  • Non sleazy posts that generate sales calls
  • Email tips that increase link clicks
  • Should Your Audience be involved with pricing?

“Creative people tend to feel like creativity doesn’t count”

“Creativity has got to be one of the most transferable skills”

“The art is the tool that you’re using”

“You want to be thinking about benefits rather than features”

“I can’t create a business based on what somebody else wants me to charge”


More Jess:

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