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Can I Eat Exposure?

“You mean that Oprah doesn’t get to pay her mortgage in pixie dust and unicorn crap either?!” Recently I’ve seen an ugly and pervasive undercurrent in the online entrepreneur world that is really quite concerning and I want to create a call to arms, an...

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Are You Leading The Pack?

When I rescued Max, he had a multitude of problems. Apart from being severely underweight, he was also terrified of blonde women, hated loud noises, didn't think he could eat unless you hand fed him and would shake like a tiny shed door in the wind when...

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How Do You Follow Through?

My mum always says that 'action speaks louder than words'. And she's right. This weekend, I held a Group Intensive with amazing women at The Langham hotel in London. We talked about visibility, marketing, messaging - and of course PROFIT PLANS! But what...

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Scariest Days Of Our Lives

I think I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I’m a new skier. In fact, today is my official Day 4 (including my two lessons on a dry ski slope!) Somehow I thought that skiing would be easy. I mean, I’ve seen people ski. It looks simple. I’ve taken a...

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Danger Danger!

(Anyone else want to sing/ yell ‘HIGH VOLTAGE’?!) Currently sat with my hairdresser working out what ‘do’ I need to take to the slopes. And trying to work on my skiing lingo. I happened to catch a FB live from a business coach who was being asked about...

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Market Research Is Key

People (like me!) bang on about market research all the time. But honestly, market research is one of the major reasons that I’ve been able to be successful in sales across multiple industries and countries. Over the last 3.5 years, I’ve surveyed my...

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White Moose Cafe

As some of you may know, I hail from a tiny town in Ireland – and so I keep up with the news there pretty regularly. This morning, however, the brilliant Mark posted about the kerfuffle going on with the White Moose Cafe and their new video about a social media...

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Christmas Eve Gratitude

It feels like this year has flown by – and I just wanted to pop in before all of the festivities start (although in the Tooth /Lorimer household, we’ve already cracked open the festive wines..!) to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone in this community. Over...

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Inspiration vs Imitation

Something I say to my audience regularly is that none of us are reinventing the wheel of business. We ALL get our inspiration from somewhere. But my big question for business owners is when do we stray from taking inspiration from someone else’s content...

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Anyone else remember watching that GoT episode?! It’s been running through my mind over the last few weeks – and I wanted to share transparently, some of the thoughts that have run through my head over the last 3.5 years of running my business. I *think*...

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