Podcasters – I am obsessed! Having come from the corporate world of white papers, reports and boring as bat-crap powerpoint presentations, one of my biggest (and most fun!) discoveries on becoming an online entrepreneur, was finding that there were other ways to teach people things in an interesting way… and podcasts are my learning tool of choice!


Over the last few weeks, a lot of you have dropped me emails to tell me that you’re enjoying my Smart Leaders Sell podcast episodes (thank you!) and asking who else you should be entrusting your learning and development to. So here’s a round-up of my Top 5 Business Podcast Listens – and why you should be popping them into your earbuds today!


For Women in Business: Ali Brown, Glambition Radio

Sorry guys – but this one is for the ladies! I’ve admired Ali for years – and am obsessed with her Glambition Radio podcast! Ali puts out new episodes every fortnight, and interviews thought leaders, business influencers and top entrepreneurs to share words of wisdom when it comes to business building, leadership and female specific entrepreneurial issues. (Like raising twins alongside building a successful business!)


My favourite episode? Stop The Online Insanity!

If you’re tired of the online bullsh*ttery, then this episode is a MUST. Ali debunks the ‘internet marketing hype’, talks about the realities of business building and marketing – and demonstrates her own growth and commitment to maintaining high standards in an industry that isn’t always well known for maintaining quality over sheer marketing quantity.


2. For Business Owners interested in PR: Janet Murray, Soulful PR Podcast

Full disclosure – I’m a total Janet Murray fangirl. And I’m honoured to be speaking at her live PR event this year; Media Influence Live 2018 but her PR podcast is a phenomenal resource for entrepreneurs who are looking to get themselves visible in some of the biggest publications, both on and offline. Janet creates two episodes a week; deep dive trainings, alongside awesome mini masterclasses with guest experts!


My Favourite Episode? Six Types Of Blog Posts You Should Be Writing Regularly

I’m a big fan of actionable tips and techniques – and as a lapsed blogger, this episode put the fire back in my belly to get my blog back up and running properly. Super actionable episode with six different types of blog post that you should be creating regularly for maximum audience engagement and sales! Hint: This blog post matches one of her categories – comment below and let me know which style I’m writing in!


3. For High Performers who get stuck in your own head: Heather Gray, Business Mindset Mastery


As a former client of mine, someone that I’ve hired to get me out of my own head funks and my ultimate biz bestie, I adore Heather Gray’s, Business Mindset Mastery podcast. Heather is the person that I (affectionately) call ‘Yoda without the ears’ and her podcast gives you a loving boot up the backside when it comes to the stories that you’re telling yourself that stop you moving forward in your business. Heather produces episodes five days a week like a pro – and gives clear, actionable and practical advice on dealing with tough topics like; integrity, speaking your truth and learning to trust again.


My Favourite Episode? When the Client doesn’t Pay

It’s all well and good… until your invoice isn’t paid! This episode is packed with actionable tips and even sample scripts to give you the mind ninja boost you need to make sure that you handle the ‘My client hasn’t paid me’ situation with grace – and in integrity with who you are as a person!


4. For Business Owners Looking for Inspiration: John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire

When I first started out in the entrepreneurial world and I was looking for resources, EoF was the first podcast that I found (and fell in love with!). Last year, I was also fortunate enough to see John Lee Dumas present the keynote talk at YouPreneur Summit in London and was blown away by the strategic way that he’d built EoF from the ground up. If you’re interested in hearing entrepreneurial journeys (the good, the bad and the seriously frustrating!) then EoF is for you. Tons of entrepreneurial tales that demonstrate the rollercoaster of business building.


My Favourite Episode: Breakout Interview with Pat Flynn

This is the second episode of EoF – with a spectacular John Lee Dumas/ Pat Flynn extravaganza. Pat gets to share his entrepreneurial journey and you get to hear two incredible podcasters open up about business journeys, entrepreneurial aha moments, the best of business books and the epic fails that hit close to home for every entrepreneur!


5. For Business Owners Ready to Build and Monetize their Personal Brand: Chris Ducker, YouPreneur FM

Now we all know that I’m all about building your business with integrity – and Chris is the genuine king of all things brand building. As a self-confessed YouPreneur superfan (you can check out how excited I was to attend the YouPreneur Summit in London, 2017 here) I’m obsessed with the YouPreneur FM podcast and binge listen to the episodes whilst I clean the house! Why do I love it? Chris provides simple, actionable tips in each episode, alongside some fantastic episodes that really speak to the entrepreneurial journey and the power behind future-proofing your brand. This year, I’m fortunate enough to be speaking on the YouPreneur stage and will get to hug Chris in person – and I can’t wait for the epic golden nuggets that he’s going to bring to London in 2018!


My Favourite Episode: How I Wrote, Designed and Launched My Book in Less Than 9 Months!

Again, I’m a BIG fan of actionable tips – and this episode is no different! As someone who tore her hair out writing book #1 – and who’s preparing herself to get book #2 out into the world, I loved this clear and precise breakdown of the strategy that Chris used to create his book, Rise of the YouPreneur.


For me, it’s clear that my favourite podcasts are super actionable, practical and chock full of tips and tricks to help me achieve a specific goal/ learn something that’s going to make a huge difference to me and my business in specific areas! And if your goal is to learn about sales, then make sure that you head over and check out my Smart Leaders Sell podcast for weekly deep dive sales trainings, live sales coaching and some incredible guest experts sharing their sales journeys!


Let me know in the comments if you’re already a fan of any of these podcasts – or list your own favourites!


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