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Create a podcast that helps you generate a bigger audience and a bigger bank balance!

If you have an online business, then the chances are that you are constantly competing with other people's content for attention. In a world where your audience are constantly scrolling their newsfeeds and consuming tons of information - it can be really tough to make sure that you're top of their minds.

That's where podcasting comes in. 

In late September 2017 I started up my very own Smart Leaders Sell podcast; a podcast specifically designed to help my audience sell more confidently and make more money.

Now, I'll be honest. I wasn't really expecting all that much. After all, I'd never had a podcast before - and I didn't really know how it would compare in terms of delivering great content to my audience, lead generation and sales.

However, in a super short space of time (less than 3 months), my podcast began to produce;

  • Leads
  • A brand new audience that I hadn't previously been aware of
  • Sales

In fact, over the last year, my experimental podcast has had wins that I never had half as quickly with traditional promotion and nurture platforms. 

It's been in the iTunes Top 100, generated over 20% of my leads this year and directly produced over £40,000 in revenue. Not only that, but we've managed to land some extra special podcast guests which has helped increase our audience and spread the Smart Leaders Sell message far and wide!

Not bad for a podcast that started off as an experiment right?

But the thing is, most new podcasts don't have the same level of success when it comes to lead generation and ROI. And there's a reason for that.

They aren't prepped and planned for podcasting success!

I know that it sounds cheesy - but even with the podcasting space being much less saturated than social media, if your podcast isn't designed for lead generation and revenue growth... well then it's just not going to provide those things.

Scott Doucet Course Leader Of Podcasting That Pays

That's why I've teamed up with my very own Podcast Producer Scott Doucet to bring you the most comprehensive podcasting programme on the planet!

We're going to help you;

  • Create a brand new podcast - or rebuild an existing one to hit new goals! 
  • Show you the 'ins and outs' of the technical side of podcasting - and teach you how to edit your podcast with ease.
  • Create a launch or re-launch plan for your podcast that helps you to set it up for stratospheric success!
  • Create a revenue plan that helps you generate a clear ROI from your podcast - and helps you produce a successful podcast that pays!

Create a revenue plan that helps you generate a clear ROI from your podcast - and helps you produce a successful podcast that pays!

So - if you're looking to create or rejuvenate a fabulous podcast that helps you build a loyal tribe of buyers and make a bigger impact and income - then sign up now for Podcasting That Pays!

Secure Payment

I'm running a six-week mini-series with my podcast that has a free opt-in workbook to accompany it. 

After week one, I already have 10% of my listeners who have registered to get the workbook, half of whom are new to my list.

It's progress! And I can measure it!

I'm so excited :-)

Clare Josa Host of the Dare To Dream Bigger Podcast

Clare Josa

Host of the Dare To Dream Bigger Podcast

It happened!!!

1000 unique downloads achieved by midnight last night 10 weeks after launching my podcast.

Massive thanks to Scott for his awesomeness 

Let’s see what happens next - 10,000 by when? 

Claire Dowdall Host of The Expert Focus Podcast

Claire Dowdall

Host of The Expert Focus Podcast

OK it’s done ? ? ? ?

In terms of conversion, I've had a couple of people contact me as a result for work, one in negotiation for bookings. 

Bahee Van de Bor Host of The Healthy Eating for Kids Podcast

Bahee Van de Bor

Host of the Healthy Eating For Kids Podcast

This morning I have submitted successfully my first podcast to Itunes. Feeling proud :) Thank you Jessica Lorimer, Scott Doucet and all the Podcast Dotties for your support and encouragement :)

Nadine Powrie Host Of the Leading Coaching Change Podcast

Nadine Powrie

Host of Leading The Coaching Change Podcast

My new and improved podcast was released yesterday.

Newsletter went out today ...

So far: Two discovery call sign-ups

Plus a couple of sign-ups for my free resources that I advertised in the PC

Scott Doucet: 4 reviews - 7 ratings

Parrot 4 (previously not even shown)
Parrots 2 
Parakeet 1
Parakeets 1


Ann Castro

Host of Der Papageien & Sittiche Podcast

Woohoo I woke up this morning to this wonderful message from Apple: (they were super speedy - I only submitted it yesterday). 

I'm officially a podcaster - I'd love you to check the "Ethical Entrepreneur Podcast" out.

HUGE thank you's to Scott Doucet and Jessica Lorimer for running this course and group as It was a huge kick up the butt to get my podcast live.

Woohoo I woke up this morning to this wonderful message from Apple: (they were super speedy - I only submitted it yesterday) 

Susan Hay Host of the Ethical Entrepreneur Podcast

Susan Hay

Host of Thrive - Ethical Entrepreneur  Podcast


In the first module you get your podcast foundations in place to make sure you build a purposeful podcast.

Not sure not what tech you need? In this module we ensure you only use the tech you absolutely need. 

Let's make you sound great! We'll show you how to edit your podcast so you sound like the best version of you.

Publishing your podcast across all the major platforms in simple to follow steps so you can be heard everywhere.

Time to start recording.  Full of our top tips to ensure you record like a podcasting pro. 

Lead generation is next! Learn how to create a tribe of raving fans who recommend, review & buy!

Want awesome guests on your show? You'll access the exact templates I use to secure all my podcast guests.

We look at the different ways of monetising your podcast to create the cash you want, in the way you want.

Loving the content Jess & Scott, so easily consumable! Love it!

Jen Hall Podcasting That Pays Course Member

Jen Hall

Podcasting That Pays alumni

OMG I think I'm falling in love with Adobe Audition ... ???


Ann Castro

Podcasting That Pays alumni

I’ve just been booked as a guest on a high-profile person’s podcast (she’s currently 4th on all of iTunes...) and she’s agreed to come on MINE! ?? I better get my skates on now and actually make this podcast happen!

Sandra Greenbank Podcasting That Pays Alumni

Sandra Greenbank

Podcasting That Pays alumni


Is Podcasting That Pays for a beginner i.e. a total beginner?

I don't have a very big social media audience.  Will Podcasting That Pays work for me?

How much time will I need to spend on Podcasting That Pays?

Do you offer payment plans?

Can you guarantee that Podcasting That Pays will work for my business?

What's your refund policy?

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