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Designed as a 'university' system to help you become the independent CEO that you want to be - with the safety of proven strategy and guidance along the way.

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the Dotties                                                        

The Dotties is the FIRST and ONLY online membership community dedicated to helping women like YOU build profitable businesses… with a focus on keeping it super simple.

Products and Courses

Podcasting that pays                                    

Create a podcast that helps you generate a bigger audience and a bigger bank balance!

List building legend                                      

A list is integral to the growth of a business. I'll be sharing the exact same strategy that I used to take my list from 0 - 6500 in a single week

Social selling bootcamp                             

The simple way for you to make sales on social media without posting 3-5 times a day on facebook!! 

objective handling Guides       

The exact Objection Handling Guides that I use in my business to get a 95% success rate on sales calls.

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