How I Can Help You

I help entrepreneurs, who want to increase their profit, using simple sales strategies that skyrocket your sales, increase your customer base and help you make the income and impact that you want!

My Mission

After three and a half years, teaching over 1000 entrepreneurs in over 12 countries how to sell with integrity, I am committed to:

– Teaching entrepreneurs the sales skills needed to keep your business profitable and enjoyable.

– Breaking free from the BS and helping business owners to create the business they want to fund their dream life.

How I Work

I teach simple sales strategies that work for all levels of entrepreneurs:

– For newer business owners: Simple sales skills that make maximum profits, without using tons of technology or ad spend.

– For more experienced entrepreneurs: Sales funnel and automations that help you build your business (and your profit!) whilst you sleep.

What I Want For You.

Businesses cannot survive without sales. And I’m on a mission to teach all entrepreneurs the sales skills they need to create a successful, sustainable business.

By the time you’ve finished working with me, you’ll be able to;

– Sell with confidence, ease and integrity.

– Understand how to create predictable, repeatable income streams.

– Generate a steady stream of clients – without trading time for money.

– Scale your sales and automate your income streams.

Join The Dotties!

The Dotties is my private membership community. We are limited to 100 members at a time - and the community is designed to help female entrepreneurs create the best business foundations and learn EPIC sales skills to build successful, sustainable businesses alongside a fantastic community of women. 

Weekly Q&A's, Monthly Hot-Seats and 1:1 Quarterly Coaching Sessions with Jessica... Apply now!

Limited 1:1 Spots

Every month, I work on a 1:1 basis with one client. We focus on your sales skills, building your profit plan, generating warm leads and skyrocketing your sales.

Previous clients have achieved results like; 

30K in 1 month.

32.5K in 16 Days

28K in 28 Days.

Grab The Book

Smart Leaders Sell: The Book, is jam packed with my best sales strategies. The book covers;

- Your buyer/ seller style and how to make more $$$ with them. 

- My exact sales call formula (98% conversion rate!)

- An entire four week launch plan so that you can map out your easiest (and most profitable!) launch to date.

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