Okay - so I’m not a massive Halloween fan. (I know, I know - lynch me now!) For me, Halloween was always one of those contrary days of the year where it was okay to ask strangers for sweets. Although I did have one particularly amazing year where my mum made me a Matilda costume and I got to live out my dream of eating my own pancakes and legitimately carrying around a whole bunch of books 😀

Sales-wise however, Halloween is an impressive time of year. Happening just before Christmas and Black Friday, it would be easy to assume that Halloween wouldn’t be hugely profitable. But the reality is, that tons of businesses capitalise on Halloween so that they don’t have to participate in the sales seasons of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas…

Like farmers. I know three farms that plant pumpkins, ready for picking throughout October. It’s one of their biggest and busiest times of year… for a product that isn’t their main offering.

Or fancy dress shops. I mean, aside from stag do’s, hen parties and my 30th birthday (#BringItOn2019) when do we visit fancy dress shops? Halloween. And we buy everything. The wigs, make-up, fake blood, decorations… the lot!

Even sweet manufacturers love Halloween! They get to make special spooky jellies and convince everyone that if you don’t happen to have a bag full of Haribo, then a small six year old child will be crying on your doorstep for hours…

The funny thing is, that a lot of people tell me that there’s ‘no money to be made’ in October, November or December.

But the reality is, that Q4 should be your biggest sales season of the year - because there are so many money decisions happening all quarter.

People are used to spending in Q4 - on the weird, the wonderful and the wicked amount of food.

So instead of thinking ‘But I don’t have a Halloween product/ Black Friday offer / Christmas sale” Start thinking about what you can offer to solve a problem immediately.

Pumpkins solve a lack of community spirit.

Christmas sales solve the issue of you missing out on that amazing dress from July #SecondChanceSale

What problem can you solve this quarter?


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