It’s got to be said.

I’ve been tagged in four posts this morning in other FB groups where people are asking for help with sales.

I’ve given advice … and because it’s not the advice they want – they don’t want to action it.

That’s cool. As much as I want everyone to succeed – I’m not going to cry myself to sleep over whether or not you take the right actions to make it happen.

BUT – we need to understand what happens when we ask for advice.

1. When we ask for advice, we look SMART. Asking for help is a sign that you genuinely want to succeed – and a lot of the time, you’ll be asking a question that someone else was too scared to ask anyway!

2. When you ask for advice, you need to QUALIFY whose advice you take. So maybe don’t take health advice from a chainsmoking non-exerciser who has never seen a doctor. Please VALIDATE your sources. Take advice from experts – and not just any old Joe/ Jane.

3. When you ask for advice, you will also get asked questions, asked to clarify and most likely, be given constructive feedback. Do NOT ask for advice if you just want an ego boost.

4. Do not take ALL the advice. If you’re following twenty billion experts for business/ sales/ marketing/ website design/ health etc etc etc. STOP. Pick the one you actually like and trust – and stop trying to implement everything that the others are teaching. Too many cooks really DO spoil the broth – and you are never going to be able to implement everything. (And it’s also worth pointing out that by trying to jam one strategy with another, you’re likely diluting the effect it’ll have in the first place!)

5. Do something with the advice. Pick some advice that sounds reasonable (ie isn’t ‘wait for the next available unicorn, hop on, action a ten-part strategy and then whack some sage around the house’) and IMPLEMENT. If you don’t – and then two weeks later, you ask the same question, you’ll be branded an ‘askhole’ (I do LOVE that phrase!!) and people will stop giving you advice. And no-one wants that – because we do all love helping!

Genuinely. We all want to succeed.
We all want to help others.
But for the love of all things made from fermented grapes – if you ask for advice – qualify the source, take the best stuff and actually IMPLEMENT.

What do you think?

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