Video may have “killed the radio star” but today video continues to be a great sales tool to engage with your tribe. Luria Petrucci, co-founder of Live Stream Pros, and I discuss how to use live streaming to build connection, likeability and trust with your audience.

Plus Luria shares the real strategy behind her business success taking us back to the early 00’s when she was one of the first successful video podcasters and worked with big brands like Samsung and AT&T through to her business today.

In This Episode:

    • How to do “life” streams – raw live videos shot with a smartphone
    • The best way to get engagement on social media using engagement triggers
    • Discover the 4 pillars of live video
  • How to create personal connection with your audience using live streaming

“You’ve got to show your flaws, you’ve got to be imperfect in order for people to connect with you” – Luria
“If you put someone on a pedestal, there’s a lot of room to knock them down” – Jess
“Selling shouldn’t be hard. It should be simple” – Jess
“With live video, you actually have a conversation with people” – Luria
“People make the excuse ‘I’m not good on video’, but the beauty of live video is people want to see behind the scenes.” – Luria

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