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Jess is feeling chilled, relaxed and enthusiastic about her latest round of cash creation, and her Q4 sales strategy. Her Staycation has left her primed and ready to take on the world! From visiting her adopted Giraffe and rewatching childhood films, this vacation left her with a lot of lessons. One of which came from the original Charlie and The Chocolate Factory film.

In This Episode

  • The plot of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
  • Urgency and 5 golden tickets
  • How the golden tickets impacted Wonka’s business
  • Creating exclusivity and amazing experiences
  • Competitor mapping: How it’s useful and how to do it ethically

“Charlie and The Chocolate Factory has some insanely good sales strategies in it”

“Willy Wonka was using urgency as one of his key sales strategies”

“These are my principles and I’m not going to back down from them”

“How are you making them feel like their getting an experience they wouldn’t get from anywhere else in the world”

“It really is about understanding your market and how you can eat more market share or how you can improve”

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