Welcome to this episode of the Smart Leaders Sell Podcast! I’m joined by Heather Gray today to talk about support. Heather is amazing. She gives practical and actionable mindset tips for overcoming different things life throws at us, and that is why she’s the perfect person to have this discussion with.

In This Episode

  • Mindset in real time without all of the fluff
  • Doing the work versus talking about doing the work
  • Constructive Support
  • Following the right people, and asking the important question
  • Taking ownership
  • Talk about needing help, talk about having help

“People think about mindset as being positive all the time” – Heather

“It means changing the stories we hold about ourselves” – Heather

“What are you going to do to change that story?” – Heather

“Don’t expect to be rescued, learn how to rescue yourself”- Heather

“You have to get the right support for you” – Jess

“It’s not about information, it’s about implementation” – Jess

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