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Welcome to this episode of the Smart Leaders Sell Podcast. I’m really excited about this episode, because we’re going to be talking about building tribes. More specifically: building an audience that buys.

In This Episode

  • One of the worst sales strategies I have ever seen
  • Warm audiences are where to find your best sales experiences
  • The World Cup and how it builds a tribe and unites audiences
  • Building your audience, your content and your own foundation.
  • Are your tribe members feeling valued?

“The easiest way to make money is to harness the power of your warm audience”

“We have to make them feel like there is something out there, like they are connected to other people that feel the same”

“Ads will not make you money, that is not why you have advertising”

“It’s not about how many likes you get on social media”

“What is the element that is helping me attract a bigger audience and what is the element that is helping me convert them into clients”

“If have nobody to sell to, you can’t sell anything”

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