Have you been thinking of starting a podcast? Rob Walch from Libsyn joins me today to discuss what podcasting really means for sales, growing your audience and scaling your business. We talk monetizing your show, and what goes into building a successful podcast of your own. Rob shares tips on growing a listenership, how to make life easier for your guests, and what to avoid when starting out. With 4,000 female bloggers to every 1 female podcaster, what are you waiting for?

In This Episode

  • The #1 reason people don’t podcast
  • Ways people monetize a podcast
  • Why podcasting makes more sense than blogging or video
  • What you need to be doing to achieve success with your podcast
  • Giving a great experience to your guests and your audience
  • The 8 places people consume podcasts
  • Which hosting companies to choose, and which to avoid
  • Is podcasting right for you?

“Even Gilbert Gottfried has a podcast, anyone can have a podcast”

“The people that can actually monetize directly from their show, it’s a small percentage”

“Stroke their ego, it’s a lot more likely to get a reply”

“Podcasting really opened my eyes to this ‘work smarter not harder’ piece in my business” – Jess

“If they don’t make the guest sound good, the guest is not going to promote it to their peeps”

“You don’t want to limit yourself as a podcaster”

“You need to decide on what business model you want, and what you really want your podcast to do for you” – Jess

“Feedback is everything” – Jess

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