Mariah Coz understands what it takes to sell on autopilot. Her ability to help clients create and launch courses, and then sell them on an evergreen basis has caused her business to grow impressively. She has passion when it comes to getting results, and gratitude for every sale. She joins us today to discuss her journey to six figures, and the patterns she’s noticed from working with successful course creators.


In This Episode

  • The 5 things you need to be amazing at sales
  • Why getting results for your client is paramount
  • What Selling truly is, and what it isn’t
  • What will you be using your 6 figure earnings on?
  • If you’re not grateful, you won’t succeed


“There’s so many different ways to get to that first six-figure mark” – Mariah

“It’s so important to have a really really good curriculum that actually teaches people” – Mariah

“The way you think about online course curriculum is completely wrong” – Mariah

“When you tell a story, you’re selling. When you teach something in the right way, you’re selling.” – Mariah

“Selling is serving” – Jess

“ROI is a long game” – Mariah

“If everyone is just being shameful about selling, that doesn’t help anyone” – Mariah


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