Denise helps women get out of their own way when it comes to money. She’s great at it, and she’s very intentional about enjoying life while doing it. Her six-figures & beyond success story has been one filled with small successes and plenty of failures, and she’s joined me today to talk about it! We discuss the drawbacks of beautiful sales pages, why people get refunds (and what they do after), and Marie Forleo’s hair.

In This Episode

  • Are women afraid of money?
  • 10 years of small steps to success
  • Failure is statistically predictable
  • The danger in doing what other people are doing
  • Same feelings, different levels of success

“When you put your intention to a goal it does come true, but not just by sitting and waiting for it” – Denise

“You don’t get to six figures by doing nothing” – Denise

“The more you see it, the more you believe it” – Denise

“You have to keep your eye on your own business” – Denise

“I absolutely do get scared, all the time, but I still do the exact same little things I did back when I was making zero money” – Denise

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