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I’m welcoming Ashley Ambirge to the show to talk about her ridiculously eccentric copy, book deals in the UK, and how originality plays into massive success. We also talk about how to sell every single day without being annoying, and how to overcome the discomfort of selling.

In This Episode

  • The Middle Finger Project
  • Being wrong about money and doing what you love and are good at
  • Making consistent offers using an original spin
  • Email marketing is dead. Or is it?
  • How often should you be putting out offers?

“There’s nobody out there right now with the same voice and message as you” – Ashley

“There’s something to be said about originality as a form of leadership” – Ashley

“We’ve all got a little bit of anarchy inside of us” – Ashley

“The only way people will buy stuff is if you are offering it to them” – Ashley

“If you follow something you don’t like, you’re never going to make money at it” – Jess

“It’s important to be thoughtful about who really is going to be buying this” – Ashley

“What’s the problem? Solve the problem” – Jess

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