Joanna Penn has built multiple six-figure income streams by creating an ecosystem through writing thrillers & non-fiction books, speaking, podcasting, and blogging. As an introverted Author Entrepreneur Joanna shares how you too can make a living from writing, maximise your profits, and create space in your day for creativity.

In This Episode

  • Creatives can make big money
  • Getting yourself out there
  • Making money 70 years after you’re dead
  • Reinventing ourselves to keep up with times, and staying true to what you love

“The first thing people need to sort out is their mindset” – Joanna

“Yes, I can be a wealthy creative” – Joanna

“How do you both feed your creativity, but also feed your bank balance” – Joanna

“Just because you’re creative doesn’t mean you get to be poor anymore” – Jess

“Fiction is the best evergreen product” – Joanna

“The business model for long term business is not obsessed with immediate sales” – Joanna

“What we’re being taught at the moment is that success has to happen and it has to happen now” – Jess

“I have to change what I’m doing because it just won’t keep working” – Joanna

“Do marketing in a way that you love and feels creative and authentic and then it won’t feel like a chore” – Joanna

“You have to make time for the things you enjoy” – Jess

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