Is having a 9-5 easier than being an entrepreneur? Marketing master Neil Patel shares his perspective on the realities of running a multi-seven figure business and the one thing that you need to be doing to drive demand in the next 90 days as a coach or entrepreneur.

In This Episode

  • Would it have been easier working 9 to 5?
  • Why you need to love what you do
  • Marketing 24/7
  • Whether you like failure or not, it’s going to happen

“It takes years to see results” – Neil

“When I get to 6 figures, everything will be amazing” – Jess

“Sometimes I think we assume that entrepreneurship will be easier” – Jess

“At the end of the day you really just gotta figure out what works for you” – Neil

“If you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re not going to put in the time and energy that you need to succeed” – Neil

“I’ll be taking a shower and I’ll be thinking about marketing” – Neil

“You’re never batting 100%, if you are, you’re not taking enough risk” – Neil

“As a young person, I didn’t always learn from my mistakes” – Jess

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