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SLS124 Six Figure Success Stories with Mike Yanda, Laptop Empires - Smart Leaders Sell

Interested in driving traffic to your blog or YouTube channel? Digital marketing pro Mike Yanda from Laptop Empires joins me today to talk about paid traffic, and where people are getting the best results right now. Having evolved Laptop Empires from a course idea to a community and podcast, Mike is really big on doing things by your own terms and playing to your strengths. He shares the value in focusing on one content platform and gives insights on what someone new should be focusing on when it comes to paid traffic!

In This Episode

  • The birth of Laptop Empires and the popular community and podcast
  • Caring about the outcome and having money in the mission statement
  • Doing business on your own terms
  • Email marketing is simply a must
  • If you were starting out, where would you focus on getting paid traffic?
  • Passion and work ethic will drive you farther than any best practice

“If you’re selling anything, you’ve got to be genuinely passionate about the outcome” – Jess

“We want to make money” – Mike

“Business should be fun” – Mike

“You have to trust your gut” – Mike

“When you’re a new business owner, you have to do everything” – Jess

“When you’re starting out, you need quick wins” – Mike

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The Course!


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