Learning new things is great, but implementation is where the magic happens. After interviewing so many amazing guests this year, and experimenting with a ton of different platforms and strategies since the start of my business, I’ve figured out what is working for me. From changing the way that I use social media, focusing more on email marketing and making big announcements about this podcast, next year has some pretty exciting things in the works! I’ve been asked quite a bit recently about what I’ve learned from doing the Six Figure Success Series, and I’m saying: forget what I’ve learned, here’s what I’m planning to implement in 2019.

In This Episode

  • The things I’ve experimented with in my business
  • Committing to the strategies that I really want to implement
  • I’m changing how I use social media, and it’s going to be a far better for everyone involved
  • A big announcement about this podcast!!

“Your Business is evolutionary. It’s always going to be growing. It’s always going to be changing”

“I’m going to start focusing on what I really want and how I really want to communicate with people”

“It’s good to be transparent in an age where people don’t always talk transparently and openly about what really happens”

“I’m going to be spending more time developing genuine connection with people”

“You’ve got to do more of what you love”

“I’m bringing back email marketing”

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