Playing the long game and having patience doesn’t sound very sexy, but as I sit down to speak to Amanda Bond, it’s apparent that she owes a lot of her success to patience and hard work. I’ve spent a lot of time stalking Amanda on the internet and reading through the emails I receive from her each week, and having her on the show is amazing! Amanda is brilliant when it comes to extraordinary Facebook Ads. So much so that she’s scaling her ads to earn multi seven figures in revenue and heading in the direction of eight! She was one of the first people who stood out to me online, and having her here to share her six-figure success story makes my day! She’s done the direct mail thing, she’s had an agency and decided it wasn’t right for her business, she’s learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t! We’re also thinking of starting a club for people who drink wine and say things on the internet. Serious inquiries only.

In This Episode

  • Dropping out of university and landing a sweet job that began a whirlwind marketing experience
  • Workings with other people and getting the inside scoop on online business
  • Being the best kept secret and stepping into the spotlight
  • Will Smith is building an empire, and he’s in it for the long run
  • Lamborghini’s and sitting on thrones made of cash
  • How do sales processes change and how do you market to someone who has been burned before?
  • Put the foundations in place before chasing the big money. Take your time and do it right!

“You overestimate what you can accomplish in a year but you underestimate what you can accomplish in five” – Amanda

“I could rapidly accelerate our results because I had the insider view” – Amanda

“I invested six figures into the achievement of my goals” – Amanda

“We all start from this place of ‘I’m going to really focus on helping other people. I’m going to get them great results” – Jess

“I’m the best kept secret, people are coming to me but they’re coming to me last” – Jess

“I’m a big believer in having extreme long term patience when it comes to business” – Amanda

“You are here to serve people at the highest level” – Amanda

“We’re only in it for the value that we can provide to others” – Jess

“You can’t put your reps in with one client” – Jess

“It is time to slow it down when it comes to creating your funnels” – Amanda

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