People keep telling me that email marketing is dead. That inboxes are too crowded, nobody opens emails anymore and that it’s a retro way to market. Considering 65% of my total revenue came from email marketing this year alone, I’m going to use this episode to disagree. It’s been a favourite marketing method of mine for a long time. It’s like having a pen pal to write to every week, and it generates income. How cool is that? All the greats do it for that exact reason I’m going to be shifting my focus in 2019 and reaching out to my email list with even more action, more funny stories and more special offers! I’m sharing my top tips for email marketing in this episode for anyone who wants to join me for the ride next year! Here are some things you can implement now in order to have a hugely successful and enjoyable list building experience.

In This Episode

  • The brilliantly evil supermarket genius that made my life better by emailing me
  • Why email marketing is actually the greatest thing ever!
  • How we can make it more interesting and use it to make you money
  • Examples of email marketing being done badly
  • Why unsubscribes are a good thing, and the main reason all the greats use email

“Email is the one platform that you are guaranteed to get a response from me on”

“If people are bothering to do this every single day, why would they do it if it didn’t generate revenue?”

“I love having pen pals”

“Email when you say you’re going to email”

“What makes it important? What makes it interesting?”

“Think about what your style is”

“Don’t worry about unsubscribes”

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