Mike Morrison is one half of the amazing Membership Guys! He slated me at Youpreneur for being a Sunderland fan, but we’ll forgive him because he’s fantastic! Mike, along with his “better half” teach people how to plan, build, grow and run membership sites. They also have podcasts, blogs, speak and run events as well! They know membership business models inside and out, and can help dispel some of the myths, and confirm some of the great things that surround the idea of membership sites. I’m really excited to have this conversation because, as most of you know by now, I run a membership for my amazing Dotties, and I’m always looking for ways to improve their experience, and get them to their sales goals as quickly and effectively as I can, so I’ll be learning a lot from this one as well.

In This Episode

  • The anti membership site bandwagon isn’t very original anymore
  • How memberships are better than other models if done properly
  • A tell-tale sign that your membership is doing well
  • What happens when someone doesn’t have faith in the model they are selling
  • The money is literally in the membership

“The problem isn’t the model, the problem is the people who jump on it as the flavour of the month” – Mike

“The online business community, we love to hate stuff” – Jess

“Recurring revenue is awesome, it really really is” – Mike

“You know that your membership is doing well, when your members start to sell it for you” – Jess

“It’s about having that passion for something and looking at ‘what’s the best way we can deliver that?’” – Jess

“We knew we wanted to do a big conference from day 1, we just knew we wouldn’t be able to do it on day 1” – Jess

“The money is actually in the membership” – Mike

“How else can I help them get the results that they want quicker?” – Mike

“We’re all in the same business and that’s the business of solving problems” – Mike

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