Old television shows are my recent obsession as we approach the festive season! This time of year reminds me that my forehead and ears get cold, and every year I know it’s coming and forget to prepare. This year, however: a well timed sale on hats has saved me, and gives another victory to festive sales tactics! My toasty warm ears and high spirits had me thinking that everyone approaches sales differently during the festive season, but one thing is certain: seasonal sales are a big part of business. Some people offer discounts, others give out gift vouchers, and some tie in traditions and everything else that makes people happy. It’s a wonderful time of the year to be selling, and I’m explaining some way to do it as well as sharing what we’re up to this year!

In This Episode

  • Why you shouldn’t pack it in during December (it should be your biggest month of the year)
  • What are shops, retailers and sellers doing this winter?
  • Does giving discounts make sense during the festive season?
  • How can you tie tradition into your sales experience this time of year?
  • Making the most of the rest of the year!

“It’s really hard to sell to my customers because they don’t know they have a problem”

“In December, we’re all used to spending money”

“We like making people happy”

“I’m not the biggest fan of discounts

“Start thinking about your business and what does it actually bring to this season?”

“What can I sell for the rest of this year?”

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