December is the biggest selling season of the year and for the majority of small business owners & online businesses it’s the best time to be making sales in your business. But in the festive season it can be easy to find reasons to be ‘too busy’ to sell.  I’m calling out those reasons and getting you motivated to start scheduling your content now so you can enjoy your Christmas break with your family and friends.

In This Episode

  • The two reasons I hear for not selling in December
  • How to promote your business and sell when you’re time poor
  • Why scheduling is your best friend in December!
  • How you can encourage your family to help you
  • When you implement these suggestions, you’ll be eating mince pies on Boxing Day!

“If you’re not making the most of this particular season…you’re missing a trick”

“Don’t let yourself get caught up in the ‘I can’t sell it’ Christmas story”

“Ask yourself: ‘What am I not putting in place in my business…to achieve the results I want?”

“I promise you in every single situation that scheduling is your friend”

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