I’m awful when it comes to building websites and any other tech wizardry. The learning curve is steep, and things can get pretty complicated, quickly. But when someone introduced me to the drag and drop funnel software, ClickFunnels, I was hooked immediately. I bought everything they had to offer and began building and refining my funnels until they worked! Today I have Chief Revenue and Business Development Officer Dave Woodward of ClickFunnels joining me to talk about their 6 figure success story, and what went into the massive and sustained results they’ve been getting. We talk about company culture, paid advertising and of course we get into some juicy conversation about funnels as well.

In This Episode

  • What is the best way to approach funnel building?
  • Why competition isn’t really a concern for Clickfunnels
  • Why company and product culture matters so much
  • Cutting your teeth on a practice business
  • Who has a longer attention span, humans or goldfish?
  • What is the most fun funnel to launch?

“I’ve never had more fun in my life doing anything” – Dave

“You’re only one funnel away” – Dave

“Where are we going? How do we want to effectively outclass the market?” – Jess

“There’s nothing wrong with getting started and learning it” – Dave

“It’s all about evolution” – Jess

“We are the number one consumer of our products” – Dave

“Not everybody’s opening just email” – Dave

“I believe a lot of people feel like they always have to start with the lowest price point first” – Dave

“It’s about reverse engineering the process. Make life easy for yourself” – Jess

“There’s other people who have gone before me who have already had success” – Dave

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