Christmas carols are upon us and I’m feeling festive! This is a fun time of year for me and I’m in the spirit to talk about building the best business for you in 2019! I want to share the questions that I ask myself every December that ultimately leads me to starting January off in the best possible way each year. Let’s face it, not everything we tried in 2018 worked well. Maybe it didn’t sell the way you expected it to, maybe it was a lot less fun than you anticipated, or maybe it didn’t even get off the ground at all. Never fear, you’re not alone. We’ll be visiting the ghosts of my business past and present in order to build a much better future in terms of sales, lead generation and most importantly joy!

In This Episode

  • What has worked really well for me in 2018
  • Replacing the things that didn’t work for you
  • My bold step away from organic social media growth
  • Where my quality leads came from 2018
  • The offers that sold out most quickly for me this year

“It lights me up thinking about the things that have gone well because it means they are things that I have enjoyed”

“What has brought you money? What has really lit you up every day that you’re doing it?”

“I’m not going to spend as much time on organic social media growth next year”

“I don’t rerun courses that don’t sell that well”

“People like to learn things and do things quickly”

“What did you find it easiest to sell?”

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