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SLS143 Six Figure Success Stories with Jay Baer - Smart Leaders Sell

I’ve been waxing lyrical about today’s guest since I met him at the Youpreneur Summit, and I’m super excited to welcome him to the show! Jay Baer is the Founder of Convince and Convert, which is a strategy consulting firm that work with some of the worlds most iconic brands on things like content strategy, social media strategy, digital strategy and customer experience strategy. Jay also travels to deliver talks, and writes books, but doesn’t consider himself an information marketing specialist. We’re talking about how to increase the word of mouth advertising side of your marketing, and how to turn your customers into volunteer marketers for your business! How do you turn happy customers into increased sales volume? Tune in and find out!

In This Episode

  • How paying to get people into your funnel can cap your success
  • The best way to grow any company
  • Reputation can make or break your business
  • A huge challenge that business owners and entrepreneurs need to solve
  • Getting your customers to do the marketing for you
  • Mapping out your customer’s expectations
  • The 5 different types of talk triggers


“So many people are teaching marketing in the same way now” – Jess

“Most of our work is free to the student” – Jay

“I started 5 multimillion dollar companies from scratch and never actually tried to get a customer on purpose” – Jay

“Reputation is huge in the market” – Jess

“The challenge for most people in most businesses is they believe that competency creates conversation” – Jay

“We have to be much more proactive and purposeful” – Jay

“It’s not so much about uniqueness, it’s about expectation” – Jay


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