We’re talking about January sales!! Easily one of my favourite things ever, and even though I’m not the biggest fan of discounting what you’re selling, I will be taking advantage of some of the retail discounts that the New Year brings! I’m also going to tell you all about what they are doing in terms of promotion and sales process, and why they do it each and every January, without fail. You don’t need to massively discount your products or services to stimulate sales in your business, but if you pay attention to what other successful people are doing and why, there could be some opportunity for you to creatively implement some of these strategies in your own January sales plan with integrity!

In This Episode

  • What is your sales copy focused around in January?
  • Maximum visibility, maximum promotion
  • Reminding your audience that they can buy from you for their solution
  • The moment I stop shopping
  • What do you want to cull in the new year and how do you turn that into profit?

“January is the one time of the year where actually, people don’t focus on benefits really at all”

“Don’t lie to your audience. Integrity is everything”

“Now is their time to make that big push for revenue”

“When people are going through the journey with you, how are you reminding them?”

“Can you make a retirement offer?”

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