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I’m so excited! I’m legitimately being a fan girl for today’s guest because I have the pleasure of speaking with Ali Brown on today’s episode! Ali is someone I’ve trusted and looked up to since I was fairly new in the online business space. She was one of the only female entrepreneurs who was not only encouraging women to make money, but to do it on their own terms while still having the lifestyle they want. Years later, Ali is still showing us that it can be done, and it can even change from what you initially thought it would be or what you were doing before. She’s gone from doing huge events and massive things to taking a low key approach and placing her family high on the value scale, which is something a lot of women think cannot be done. We talk about some pretty amazing things including photoshopped business owners in Paris, dirty pool parties in Las Vegas, and even some business and branding! This one is jam packed, so get something to take notes with, and tune in twice!

In This Episode

  • The great undoing of everything you’ve learned so far, and making the money you want
  • Creating the Online Success Blueprint, and when formulas stop being useful
  • 3 things you may feel before paving your own way
  • Move slowly and find out who you want to listen to in order to get results
  • How online business is becoming almost like a bad pool party
  • Knowing when you’re ready to level up
  • Worshipping false metrics as if they are gods
  • Turning the page to your next chapter and seeing the evidence that it will be okay
  • Disrupt your industry

“It’s time to now look at what you really want to create” – Ali

“This is the great undoing of everything we’ve been learning for the last 7 years” – Ali

“Finally someone was talking about making the money they wanted, their way” – Jess

“If you wait too long, you will lose your positioning” – Ali

“What is my unique category of one where no one can touch me” – Ali

“People preach authenticity, or they preach being unique” – Jess

“Most of what we see is a complete facade” – Ali

“You don’t need branding or a really slick website to get your first client” – Jess

“You know when you’re ready” – Ali

“You have to take responsibility for your own happiness” – Jess

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