What offers are you making in 2019? Are they of huge benefit to your audience? Will they truly light you up and excite you? We have a tendency to over complicate the process of creating offers for our audience. In 2018 I saw a lot of people selling the same thing with minor tweaks. I also saw a lot of people running businesses and making offers that didn’t make them happy, and didn’t lead to the year or life that they wanted. The truth is that there are tons of options when it comes to offers you could make, and each one will have a different impact on both your audience’s results, and the amount of time freedom you experience! I’m telling you all about the things that I’ve offered, how the members of #TeamJess are building the businesses they want, and how you can be doing the same starting right now!

In This Episode

  • Doing your market research
  • What lights you up and makes a massive difference?
  • What people have been learning about 1 to 1 versus 1 to Many business models.
  • What is the quickest and easiest solution for your customer?
  • Different types of offers, and how they impact you and your audience
  • The low price, high volume options

“Your offers should be along your client journey”

“What offer is going to make the most difference to your audience?”

“Really focus on the offer type that is best for your audience”

“What do I actually want to get paid for this?”

“You are helping them learn and achieve quicker”

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