Want to make your business remarkable? Today’s guest knows exactly how that’s done. Laura Roeder is the founder and creator of the social media scheduling software company MeetEdgar. I’m really excited to have Laura on the show because I’ve been a massive fan and customer of MeetEdgar for about 4 years now, and have loved the software ever since I began using it. While Laura was president and CEO of the company, she had the pleasure of running a small team in order to fill the need of social media automation for busy business owners, and now that she’s moved into more of a Founder role, her new job consists of getting visible, and making people aware of not only who Edgar is, but what he does, and why so many people want him as a boyfriend!

In This Episode

  • Behind the scenes at MeetEdgar and how it came to be
  • Repurposing content is an important concept to grasp
  • Just because you see your stuff doesn’t mean your audience is
  • Why it pays more to be the specialist
  • Why MeetEdgar only has one plan, and why they won’t offer any more
  • How to grow your word of mouth advertising from your customers
  • Don’t be afraid to be remarkable

“At the end of the day, we’re a software company” – Laura

“There were just so many things that were lacking in the tools out there” – Laura

“How much visibility is my content actually getting?” – Jess

“No one is watching your social media feed the way that you are” – Laura

“You’ve got to be the one who drives that initial conversation” – Jess

“Sometimes people are scared to say that they are the specialist” -Jess

“I love recurring revenue” – Laura

“Word of mouth scales with your customer base” – Laura

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