Today I’m sharing my views on where the online business industry is going this year so that you can avoid making mistakes and spend your time, money and energy in the places you need to, to make your business even more successful. Not only that I’m shining a light on some of the things I’ve seen in our industry which I really hope will die out.  Plus I’ll be going behind the scenes and sharing how I’m adapting my business in 2019.

In This Episode

  • The economic changes coming and how they’ll impact your business
  • What you should be doing in 2019 to build a sustainable business
  • How you can generate instant income whilst focusing on net profit
  • What’s going to work in 2019
  • Where I’m focussing this year

“You will be judged on the quality of your relationships”

“Net profit is going to be the most important part of your business this year”

“Only make good investments this year”

“You need to deliver quality work and put genuine effort into your services”

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