You’re probably more than aware of trolls if you’re an online entrepreneur and I’m here to share my top tips on dealing with them. If somebody trolls us, we are being rejected publicly and that hurts. Nobody wants to feel embarrassed or stupid so of course it’s going to feel painful! When it comes to sales worrying about what the reaction will be if you do something can stop you from wanting to put your content out.

In This Episode

    • How to face your fear of trolls.
    • Why trolls can hurt sales in unexpected ways.
    • How to keep on selling, despite trolls.
    • How to address trolls.

“They’re trying to make you feel judged, uncomfortable, embarrassed… so that they feel superior”
“Anticipation and fear is worse than if it did happen”
“The second time I was trolled was when I decided…”
“If somebody does troll you… deal with it publicly, professionally and quickly.”

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