Are you in that gritty phase of your business? Where it feels like hard work and hustle. Hannah Martin joins me as we discuss her journey to six-figure success.  As a self-proclaimed ‘tortoise’ Hannah has seen lots of ‘hare’s’ come and go over recent years, yet has continued to take the next right action, make strategic business investments and the results can be seen in the success of the Talented Ladies Club.  

In This Episode

  • Behind the scenes of building a successful business
  • How to survive the early business years
  • How to set your prices and not undercharge
  • Why making yourself uncomfortable brings growth
  • How to build a business that brings you contentment.

“Some call it attraction marketing, I call it envy marketing” – Hannah

“Nobody creates a business to have another nine to five” – Jess

“We have to start redefining this need to have a luxury lifestyle” – Jess

“Don’t price based on what you think other people’s perceptions of you will be for having that price tag.” – Jess

“It’s so important to understand exactly how much it costs you to run your business” – Hannah

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