Are you looking to grow your audience? Abdo Riani shares the tried and tested ways that he’s built his business through the power of networking and joint ventures.  Complete with actionable tips on what you can do to build genuine relationships to network like a pro there are strategies galore that you can implement.

In This Episode:

    • Practical suggestions on leveraging your network
    • Tips on how to authentically connect with people
    • Transparent approaches for setting up a joint venture
    • Ways to approach people “more successful” than you for a joint venture

“It all starts by learning about your ideal partner” – Abdo

“People talk about connection, authenticity, relationships, but don’t practice it” – Jess

“The best way to connect with people is by interviewing them” – Abdo

“Bring your fair share to the table, whether that’s skill, energy or time.  You need to be prepared to put in the work” – Jess

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