Valentines Day has been and gone so you may be wondering why I’m talking about it now. I’m sharing some of the mistakes that companies have made pre-Valentines Day so that you avoid them. Let’s set you up for success so that you can maximise your sales for the rest of the quarter.

In This Episode

  • Why preparation is key
  • Is your target demographic interested in this particular holiday?
  • How not to discount for the sake of it
  • How to maximise your sales by choosing your launch date wisely
  • The four week launch strategy for success

“If it’s not well planned, it’s not going to happen”

“The best launches are the ones that are well thought out, well planned and that you are able to adapt during the launch’

“If you’re not launching something around payday, you’re missing out”

“Think creatively about your sales process”

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