Let’s dive into a subject I love…live launches versus evergreen launches. I feel like we should miss the versus out because I’m a big fan of both these launch styles. The majority of the problem comes into the kind of launch style we pick because people don’t really know what’s involved. So I’m going to be transparent about exactly what it takes to run both of these kinds of launches and then from that, hopefully you can pick the best one for you and use it to move forward in Q1.

In This Episode

  • The definition of a live launch and an evergreen launch
  • What’s great about a live launch
  • How I stay relaxed during a live launch
  • Why evergreen is like live launches “sexy sister”
  • When not to use an evergreen launch strategy

“A live launch is simply about you connecting with your community and reacting to the feedback that they’re giving you”
“If you are going to be running anything live, you’ve got to do new market research every time”
“Evergreen launches can be phenomenal if you want predictable, scalable and repeatable income”
“Evergreen is going to require a significant upfront investment”

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