Writing sales emails that flow and take your customer on a journey can be super easy. With my top 5 prompts you’ll never be sat staring at a blank page with the cursor mocking you on the day an email has to be sent.  Discover how you can create interesting sales emails that open up the conversation with your audience, to help them think differently and make the best and most informed decision they can.

In This Episode

    • Planning ahead and batching content
    • Understanding your customers’ potential fears
    • Knowing what your audience desires
    • Sharing an honest, real story with your audience
    • Being a bit random

“Writing an email that helps to alleviate fears will make it a lot easier to sell”

“The second prompt I always look at is desires.”

“Everyone has questions but nobody ever wants to ask.”

“Give the story of a real person who successfully navigated your course, your programme, your service.”

“Don’t be afraid to be a little bit out there.”

“Your sales emails are about you opening up the conversation and helping them think differently”

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